Chocolate & Orange Snapbar

Chocolate & Orange Snapbar

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A delicious fragrance combining milk chocolate and sweet orange notes resting on a delicate vanilla base.


Wild&Rose Snapbars are hand poured in small batches using soywax, mica powder, biogradable glitter and packaging.

We use maximum amount of fragrance oil in all our products to ensure a strong and lasting beautiful scent for your home. Each wax pot contains approx 50g, equivalent to roughly 40+ hours of beautiful scent throw. 


Happy Melting!💞


Our snapbar packaging is manufactured in the UK from high quality rPET with an approximate capacity of 50g.

rPET is totally recyclable and contains 86% recycled plastic within the make up of the sheet ♻️


Please note: Products may differ in size, colour pigmentation and glitter volumes as all products are hand poured in small batches. 


Weight: Approx 50g


Disclaimer: Fragrances used in our products may have  similar scent to the designer branded one. However, please be aware that we are not associated with any designer brands. All scents used in our product are Dupe Fragrances. Copyright belongs to the creators of the fragrance design.